Jenn Wing Wood

Jenn Wing Wood is a seasoned marketing practitioner with experience in the corporate travel, higher education, high tech and non profit sectors. Her areas of expertise include marketing communication, client communication, social media and copywriting. She holds an MBA from Temple University.

She’s happily employed in the corporate travel sector. In her spare time she writes blogs on her favorite marketing topics, social media and communicating clearly.

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Jenn Wing WoodHi, I’m Jenn Wing Wood. Welcome to my site. I believe social media plays a key role in managing your professional reputation. There’s a lot of advice out there — some good, some awful and a lot that’s unrealistic — so I’m going to cut through the jargon and give you practical tips on how you can maximize your social media.

Take a look around. Share your thoughts on the blog posts. Let’s have a conversation about social media.