30 minutes a week to become social

30 minutes a week to become more social

If you’re like more professionals, you don’t have time for social media. Between meetings, travel and actually doing your job, the workday is packed. While you might not think you have time for social media, the reality is you can’t afford to not be social in today’s business world.

So what’s the solution? Find 10 minutes three times a week to dedicate to LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? Because it’s where your business network spend their equally limited time. Facebook is personal. Twitter is time-consuming to slog through, much less post on. This leaves LinkedIn as the most effective option for your precious social media time.

Here’s how it works:

What time you do this doesn’t matter. Many people, however, find the lunch hour a good time.

Monday – Scroll through the network updates in the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn page (web) or on the “My network” tab on your mobile. Take three minutes to see who in your network has changed jobs, who has been promoted, who has added new information to their profile. Like the notifications as appropriate. It sends a message that you’re paying attention.

With your remaining seven minutes, find an article/column/photo/press release to share with your network. Take a minute to think about what you want to say about the item. Post the link and your comment. In a perfect world, your comment will prompt others to comment.

Wednesday – Today’s about providing input to other people’s posts. Your 10 minutes should be spent scrolling through your feed to find at least one article to comment on. Per my earlier blog, put some thought into what you say. None of this “I agree” or “Good job” type of comments. If you can find two articles to comment on, go for it.

Thursday – Today’s about connecting. Your 10 minutes should be spent growing your network. LinkedIn helps you quickly do this with the “People you may know” menu option. Don’t just randomly start connecting with people using the boilerplate invite text. It’s impersonal and shows a lack of effort. Write a personalized invitation referencing how you know the person and why you want to connect. Here’s how you set it up…

Personalizing invitations to connect from the desktop:

  1. Move your cursor over the Down arrow in the top section of someone’s profile.
  2. Select Personalize invitation from the dropdown menu.

Remember, social media is a lot like most things in life: the more you put in, the more you get. If you only have 30 minutes, this approach will show you’re engaged.

What’s your thought? How would you spend 30 minutes a week on social media to get the most value?