Social media for the less-than-social

Baby steps you can take with social media

Baby steps you can take with social media

People like me make social media look pretty easy. If you’re social by nature, social media is a natural extension. For those who bristle at the idea of – gasp – sharing thoughts and ideas on LinkedIn, there are baby steps you can take to dip your toe in the social media waters.

Step 1 – Actually fill out your LinkedIn profile. None of this name and current job only stuff. Invest an hour and copy your CV over to your profile. (And please watch the formatting…put spaces in between lines!) Remember, half of being social is having people be able to find you.

Step 2 – Get over the idea that no one cares what you think. Everyone is an expert at something. Someone will benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Step 3 – Accept invite requests of people you know and decline invites of people you don’t. Practice good housekeeping by keeping your LinkedIn current with requests. If you have more than 10 pending invites, you’re asleep at the wheel.

Step 4 – Comment on at least one post a week in an area where you have something to say. None of this “I agree” or “Great job” type of comments. Put some thought into what you’re saying. Refer to step 2.

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